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 Veterinary Procedures
All veterinary examinations will have taken place prior to sale. All lots will be sold with a ‘Certificate of Veterinary Examination of a Horse Prior to Sale at Auction’ from members of our veterinary panel headed by Marcus Swail. The panel’s decision shall be final and binding on all parties.
All lots in this sale will be sold with a set of digital X-Rays taken by members of the Monart Sale Veterinary panel and will be available for purchasers to inspect prior to sale.
All horses will have blood taken & stored for prohibited substances at the time of the pre-purchase examination.
Purchasers will have the right, within 30minutes of the fall of the hammer, to request a blood analysis, to detect prohibited substances.
The information in the catalogue is accurate according to the details provided by the vendors. The Monart Sale takes no responsibility for any inaccuracies.
Cheques will only be accepted from accounts held with Irish Banks & must be pre authorised with us before the auction.
Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment. Bank details available upon request.
Euro and sterling will be accepted.
We can help you arrange shipping for your newly acquired horse to any where in the world through our shipping agents with minimal stress to you. Please ask us if you need assistance.
Bank Transfers

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