Monart Defies Odds to Record Best Sale to Date

The Monart team pushed against the odds and came out defiant as Ireland’s only elite horse sale, selected by a panel of elite 5* riders, records best sales results to date. 

“We’re thrilled that it worked and how every aspect played out” confirmed Sale Director, and Irish Olympian, Niall Griffin.

The 2020 sale was initially scheduled to take place at Monart Equestrian, Enniscorthy, from the 2nd – 4th November but due to Ireland’s strict pandemic mitigation levels and 6-week lockdown, that is in place until the 1st December, the sale moved to an online only business model, aspects of which will remain for future sales following this year’s success.  Running the sale in this format was a move to the unknown for the Monart team and required a leap of faith from all involved.

“The sale exceeded all of our expectations, being truthfully honest.  If it had been a normal year, for us to turn up and run a normal sale, then this would have still exceeded expectations,” says Sale Director Niall Griffin.  “It’s been our best sale to date.”

With a clearance rate expected to exceed 80% and average prices rising from €11,000 in previous years to €13,000 in 2020, the sale received support from elite level riders from across the world.  Notable buyers included:

  • Lot 8 – €17,500, plus Lot 45 post sale – former world number 1, double Olympic Champion and Rolex Grand Slam winner Michael Jung (GER)
  • Lot 9 – €13,000 – Olympian and European medallist Kitty King (GBR)
  • Lot 73 – €15,000 – Olympic silver medallist and World Gold Medallist Nicola Wilson (GBR)
  • Lot 32 & 63 – €13,000 & €12,000 – Olympians Trish & Michael Ryan (IRE)

“Riders want to try and find a good horse and to have these upper level riders keep coming back, it gives us a lot of confidence that we’re on the right track and we’re providing them with the sort of horses they want to buy.  Because, if we weren’t, they wouldn’t keep coming back.  It’s a real stamp of approval” added sales selector and 5* rider Bill Levett.

The top lot knocked down at €29,000 for Richie O’Hara’s Kilbunny Blue Bird.   The Kilbunny Blue 3-year-old gelding saw significant interest from the UK and Germany and eventually sold to British based company Awarded2U Ltd.  American buyers have had a strong presence at Monart for a number of years with 2020 being no different.  Henry Foley’s lot 101 went for the second highest price, €26,000.   The Chapeau TN x Nelson Z 3-year-old Mei-Fleure makes his way state side to Katie Malensek, along with the grey stallion MRF Qwlkstep (Metropole x Exit To Nowhere) who sold for €20,500.

Lot NoVendorBuyerCountryPrice
3Tommy ConsidineVicki IrlamGB€16,500.00
5Myles SomersJodie AmosGB€17,500.00
6JJ BoweRuth HoneyGB€10,000.00
7Henry FoleyS&M EventingGB€12,500.00
8Rosalinda DevereuxM JungDE€17,500.00
9Tomas DoyleBenjamin KingGB€13,000.00
10Ruairi BrennanAlison GardnerGB€15,500.00
11Brian FlynnCharlotte AgnewGB€16,500.00
12Shay LeacyPhillip MartinGB€14,500.00
16Catriona RedmondGeoffrey NicholsUS€23,500.00
17Mary BolgerKatie DumasGB€12,500.00
19frank caseyAnon€21,000.00
20Ann CashGeorgia DaviesGB€9,000.00
21Mike ComerfordKatie MalensekUS€20,500.00
23Linda MurphyManuel Senra ChoverES€13,500.00
25Yana VerlingAntonio RusticoniIT€6,000.00
26Emma RedmondJ TurnerGB€10,000.00
27hans kuehnlePeter FeltonGB€17,000.00
31Julie RaddenFioruzzi Sport Horses S.R.LIT€6,500.00
32Barbara HattonTrish RyanIE€13,000.00
34Raymond Mc ChesneyS. KingUS€12,000.00
37Sean DonohoeBecky PallasGB€8,000.00
39Tomas DoyleRoundel Mfg LtdGB€25,000.00
40Trade Horse LtdHayley TolsonGB€12,000.00
43Albert McDonaldOxstone EventingGB€10,500.00
44Brian FlynnKai-Steffen MeierBE€13,000.00
45Stephen CullineyMichael JungDE€6,500.00
48John MurphyKianna LuscherUS€16,000.00
51Barbara HattonD. ClasingUS€7,000.00
52Tomas DoyleGwen EmmersonGB€15,500.00
58Richie O’HaraAwarded2U LtdGB€29,000.00
60Tom CaseyD. ClasingUS€10,500.00
61Ann CashAndrea MorrisGB€12,500.00
62Brian FlynnAnna WarneckeGB€12,500.00
63Myles SomersTrish RyanIE€12,000.00
66Eleanor DaltonCharlie CloverGB€8,500.00
67Ado MoranHarry HortonUK€6,500.00
68Trade Horse LtdEvan BrewerUS€16,000.00
69Donal BuckleyKaren CentauroGB€11,500.00
70Ciaran MoranKarl SlezakCAN€10,500.00
71Henry FoleyMestern EventingDE€11,500.00
72JJ BoweStal Pen-AubertNL€7,000.00
73Sian BallAlastair WilsonGB€15,000.00
74Niall O DohertyRichard WebbGB€12,000.00
75Anthony O ReganVet And Care For HorsesCZ€11,000.00
76Tomas DoyleJosh LevettUK€11,500.00
78Peadar CarterLaurence HuntGB€6,500.00
79JJ BoweStal Pen-AubertNL€7,500.00
80Henry FoleySarah HughesUS€11,000.00
81Mary KehoeLayfield Renewable LtdGB€18,500.00
82Tommy Considinelaura hansonGB€11,000.00
83Damian KelleherMaurice CousinsIRL€11,500.00
84Brian FlynnLaurence HuntGB€13,000.00
87Henry FoleyMatt StanfordUK€14,500.00
88JJ BoweDanielle MagnerIE€8,000.00
89Rachael HealdRobert SirchDE€10,000.00
90Henry FoleyNicky RoncoroniGB€11,000.00
91Tomas DoyleJack PinkneyGB€21,500.00
92Mike ComerfordAlison KingGB€7,500.00
93RODNEY GaultRebecca HerbertGB€8,500.00
94Barbara Hattonhans j kuehnleIE€14,000.00
95Myles SomersSian HoskinGB€18,500.00
97frank caseyBen SpraggonGB€13,500.00
99Brian FlynnThe Yard HouseGB€7,000.00
100JJ BoweF. swantonGB€8,000.00
101Henry FoleyKatie MalensekUS€26,000.00