I purchased an event horse for the first time at the Monart Sale in 2011. Since then I have been involved in others nearly every year since. The horses I have acquired at the Monart sales are proving very successful. The reason i chose the Monart Sale was because I had the confidence that the people selecting the horses are riders who have sourced & produced horses from novice to World & Olympic level. The people in the know buy their horses at Monart.

J.S. Bolger Racing Legend

J.S. Bolger


I found the facilities, the professionalism and friendliness of the staff second to none at Monart. It really added to the experience of trying horses at this magnificent venue. Where else in the world can you roll out of bed and walk 200 yards up the lane to view the best young horses Ireland has to offer.

Lucy Jackson (NZ) Professional Event Rider


Really exciting new concept for the sport of eventing with a wide variety of quality horses available under one roof. We found the hotel and trial facilities excellent, probably some of the best available. After purchasing two horses with owners that have gone on to be very successful, we shall be certain to be back again.

J.P. Sheffield Professional Event Rider

J.P. Sheffield



My trainer and I came to Ireland to find a safe and talented event horse for me ( an amateur rider ) — We definitely scored!!  We couldn’t be more thrilled with our 6 yr old, who now resides in Los Angeles and wonders where all the green grass has disappeared to!  I only wish I needed another horse (wait, do I?) so I could come back next year.  I felt after two days of watching my guy go in the various disciplines and with various riders, including myself,  I really knew who he was before the auction.  Niall and Polly were calm, smart, held our hands and walked us through with great grace and humor.  I’m a huge Monart Sale fan!

Steven Schachter, Novice Event Rider, Los Angeles Ca. (USA)


The facilities at Monart to view and try horses are world class. I am thrilled with all my purchases from Monart over the past couple of years but especially with last years which myself and Tanya believe to be some of the best horses we have ever bought. The whole experience was a pleasure and I am looking forward to this years sale

Mark Kyle (IRL) Professional Event Rider



Simply Maple

The quality of the horses, the venue, and the hotel were all great attributes of the Monart Sale, but what stuck out the most to me was the generosity and professionalism I received from both Niall and Polly. Having both competed and produced horses successfully to the four star level they were more then happy to share their experience and knowledge on how to pick out future star event horses. They were able to help narrow down which horses in their sale would most cater to what type of horse I was looking for. It made the whole process of coming to foreign country to buy an Irish horse a positive and worthwhile experience for myself and my owner.

Leahona Rowland (CAN) Professional Event Rider


It was certainly a pleasure to be able to travel to Ireland and go to one centrally located venue to view such a large selection of horses for sale. The Monart Sale gave the international eventing community a full day’s pleasure watching the horses go in all three phases. Trying the horses was delightful in this beautiful facility. The dinner and sale that followed was a great evening of entertainment while maintaining the utmost professionalism for those lucky enough to watch the hammer fall their way. I look forward to coming back. Fantastic concept. Not to be missed.

Karen O Conor (USA) Eventing Legend



The hotel was perfect, the best we’ve stayed in & the trial facilities for the horses were brilliant. We have bought superb horses every time at Monart since it started in 2010 and we are very much looking forward to this year’s sale. In our view its the one sale we will not miss!! Really looking forward to this years sale.

Tim & Antonia Brown (GBR) Top Sport Horse Producers



2012 was my first year at the Monart Sale & I loved every minute of it from the amazing hotel which was on site to the excellent facilities to see & try horses. The selection of horses were top class & everyone involved just couldnt do enough to help you out. Will definitely be going back again this year

Jodie Amos (GBR) Professional Event Rider


Great concept, beautiful setting, opportunity to buy some class competition horses and the odd bargain too! Great fun, well organised, super to be able to watch horses through all the phases- giving purchasers the confidence to try and buy. The auction dinner had a real buzz and was really exciting. Sadly I did not stay in the hotel but I wished I had.

Owen Moore (GBR) Professional Event Rider



Rockfield Grant Juan Rolex CCI**** 2013 XC

Trying horses at Monart was an absolute pleasure. The facilities are second to none and the horses on offer were exactly the quality we were hoping to see on our first trip to Ireland. We were lucky enough to come home with several new horses from Monart, all of which have been a pleasure to work with. Ireland produces some of the greatest event horses in the world and having the opportunity to see such promising youngsters in one location was perfect. I have no doubt Monart will deliver another fantastic selection this year.

Jordan & Shandiss Mc Donald (CAN) Professional Event Riders


The concept is a great idea and the facilities for trying and viewing the horses are excellent. I really enjoyed my stay in Monart it was a lot of fun.

Anne Taylor (USA) Organiser of Aston Le Walls Horse Trials